Evolve Golf


Evolve Golf, makers of the number one performance golf tee, produces superior golf products that are better for the golfer, the golf course and the planet. Based in Wilmington, North Carolina, the company broke into the golf industry in 2004, when it re-imagined the design of the golf tee, and introduced the Epoch. Unlike a traditional wood tee, the Epoch’s radial posts span the width of a golf ball’s dimple, creating a dramatically lower coefficient of friction between the ball and the tee, and eliminating deflection. Independent testing has shown that the Epoch provides greater total distance and accuracy than competing products. Epoch is also more durable than wood. In fact, one Epoch per round is equivalent to playing six wood tees. Fewer wood golf tees, means less tee litter, which has helped clean up golf course tee boxes and has helped save the number of trees cut down per year.

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