The logo is reproduced by stitching threads directly into fabric. The actual stitching process is fully automatic and performed by computerized embroidery machines.
Choose from Flat, 3D Puff, Retro Patch, Cotton Twill Appliqué, Woven Label, Leather Print Patch, Felt Appliqué. Please note, not all options available for all products.


A classic method of printing graphics onto garments, screen-printing allows for a long lasting and high quality finish. Since ink is applied thicker than other printing methods, screen-printed applications are more durable and can withstand more stress without losing quality.


A dynamic alternative to embroidery. 3D Insignia is a patch with raised texture and intricate detail. We have the ability to do an exact colour match to your logo for precision and accuracy. 3D Insignia is available in metallic and non-metallic finishes and is applicable to almost anything! Available in two styles, textured 3D Insignia or dome flat 3D Insignia.


The process or art of cutting or carving a design on a hard surface, especially to make a print.


A printing method that allows the transfer of a 2-dimensional image onto a 3-dimensional object. This process is used to print on difficult products with rigid and concave surfaces. Pad printing uses a silicone pad to transfer an image onto an item. The machine holds the product steady and presses it into an ink plate before the pad stamps it. Pad printing can successfully decorate three-dimensional parts because while transferring the image to the part, the silicone pad wraps around or adapts to the shape of the part without distorting the image, given some image size restrictions. Extremely fine detail and tight multi-colour registration are readily achievable with pad printing.  



Digital printing is commonly known as direct-to-garment printing. Rather than applying one layer or colour at a time using screens, a direct-to-garment printer will apply all colours directly to the garment in one single layer of ink. Think of this process like when you watch a regular paper printer output a photo at home. The printer applies all the necessary colours in a single pass, from top to bottom, and eventually produces a full image once the paper comes out. The ink used is for this type of printing is a lightweight water-based ink that absorbs easily into the garment fibers without a mess.